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Heritage project – restoration, carving, french polishing in old CBD building


Hutchinson Builders asked us to help on a heritage project they are working on, replacing missing paneling and carvings in an old government building in the Brisbane CBD that is being refurbished into a 5 star hotel.

We were also asked to finish all the paneling in the foyer with french polishing.

This project was challenging, the carvings were of a very old style, which took much skill and time to recreate, the Crown mouldings were a large mould which we would have to make new cutters for. The timber used had to match the old sections.

All detailed drawings off each section that had to be replaced had to be approved before any work was started.

In consultation with Hutchinson and the owner we developed a finish to keep the old look and feel, they did not want something that looked like new.

Even the new sections we made had to blend with the original panels, in colour and look and feel.

In this Modern world we should never forget our old Buildings, this project was immense and the results have been rewarding and the foyer is looking better than new, in fact it’s looking delightfully old.