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Natural Oak Wall Unit for Beach Apartment

March 12, 2018

We built this beautiful wall unit from natural oak creating a fresh modern look for this beachside apartment. This unit is space saving, creating surface space and storage space utalising design, space and functionality.

This unit is 6 meters long and is built in natural oak.

The unit was designed by Gary Hamer from Gary Hamer Interiors.

Booth Seating for City Night Club

February 22, 2018


We were asked by Wrightson Stewart Interior Designers to help them complete booth seating for a major club in the city.  We had to work within a small area to create more seating.  The back wall in like a wave wall, and the curve on each seat is slightly different so the booth flows within the space. The seats had to be soft, durable and supportive.

The lighting is controlled by an ipad from the booths, as the customer wishes.

Wrightson Stewart and the client are very happy with the Booth seating.

Heritage project – restoration, carving, french polishing in old CBD building

February 22, 2018

Hutchinson Builders asked us to help on a heritage project they are working on, replacing missing paneling and carvings in an old government building in the Brisbane CBD that is being refurbished into a 5 star hotel.

We were also asked to finish all the paneling in the foyer with french polishing.

This project was challenging, the carvings were of a very old style, which took much skill and time to recreate, the Crown mouldings were a large mould which we would have to make new cutters for. The timber used had to match the old sections.

All detailed drawings off each section that had to be replaced had to be approved before any work was started.

In consultation with Hutchinson and the owner we developed a finish to keep the old look and feel, they did not want something that looked like new.

Even the new sections we made had to blend with the original panels, in colour and look and feel.

In this Modern world we should never forget our old Buildings, this project was immense and the results have been rewarding and the foyer is looking better than new, in fact it’s looking delightfully old.

Timber Paneling for Heritage and Practical Applications

November 24, 2017

Hutchinson Builders contracted Finer Finishers to help them restore the solid timber paneling in the New Adina Hotel lobby in the Brisbane Cbd.  Over the years the timber paneling has been badly neglected, sections removed and lost and some timber mouldings broken.

Finer Finishers worked closely with Hutchinson Builders and the Qld Heritage Dept and made all the timber mouldings by hand using solid Queensland Maple.

This type of work is what Finer Finishers enjoys recreating, so that many a visitor can enjoy the past well into the future, and feel the history of the building.

You can see the work in progress on our factory floor here.



Luxurious Sofa built with extra comfort

November 22, 2017


We built this sofa for an Interior designer’s personal use. A modern look was desired and a strong frame, sprung seat and extra comfortable cushions were requested. The cushions were made full feather with foam inserts to achieve this. The cover is a slip cover , so can be removed and cleaned with ease.

The Lounge is made to last the test off time.

You can see the build of the lounge in the photos.