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Timber Paneling for Heritage and Practical Applications

November 24, 2017

Hutchinson Builders contracted Finer Finishers to help them restore the solid timber paneling in the New Adina Hotel lobby in the Brisbane Cbd.  Over the years the timber paneling has been badly neglected, sections removed and lost and some timber mouldings broken.

Finer Finishers worked closely with Hutchinson Builders and the Qld Heritage Dept and made all the timber mouldings by hand using solid Queensland Maple.

This type of work is what Finer Finishers enjoys recreating, so that many a visitor can enjoy the past well into the future, and feel the history of the building.

You can see the work in progress on our factory floor here.



Living Room Sofa, Chairs and Dining Table

November 22, 2017

Completing the living room decor with a beautiful comfortable sofa, leather and timber chairs and dining table. We made the sofa extra comfortable with feather cushioning and luxurious material. The tow side chairs are solid timber with soft leather cushions. The dining table is made from solid timber and has a top thickness of 50mm. All these pieces are built to last and endure wear while looking stylish and inviting.


Amish Rolling Pin Bed

October 24, 2017

Working with interior designer Gary Hamer we custom designed and built an Amish Rolling Pin bed. Made from solid timber and the client had requested a black timber look, we achieved this with black 2-pac polyurethane. This bed compliments the room beautifully and creates a warm welcoming sense for night time comfort and slumber.


Custom Built Interior Doors

September 8, 2017

The doors in the house can make a statement. I have used a Quarter cut veneer with solid PNG Ebony with a 10% finish.
And with an added  black handle, the doors do make a statement when entering the house, and from viewing from inside the rooms.

Outdoor Table with a Nautical theme

September 8, 2017

This table was inspired by the sea, using hemp rope, solid red gum, and natural curves.
This table creates a beautiful flow and it does make a statement on the veranda, buy the sea or over looking a park, it works well for both. A glass top was added. This table is a real eye catcher.