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Custom Built Interior Doors

September 8, 2017

The doors in the house can make a statement. I have used a Quarter cut veneer with solid PNG Ebony with a 10% finish.
And with an added  black handle, the doors do make a statement when entering the house, and from viewing from inside the rooms.

Outdoor Table with a Nautical theme

September 8, 2017

This table was inspired by the sea, using hemp rope, solid red gum, and natural curves.
This table creates a beautiful flow and it does make a statement on the veranda, buy the sea or over looking a park, it works well for both. A glass top was added. This table is a real eye catcher.

Custom built Spare Room

September 8, 2017

A Spare room your guests would not want to leave,
This room was designed in a way to create an easy feeling, by the way off using natural timber. The board is cut on a slight angle to give it a flowing look, and is made from solid American Oak. The upholstery insert in a supportive soft foam so you can rest against it with or without pillows.
The bedsides tables are a floating single drawer bedside, made from French Walnut.
The wardrobe doors, are an added feature to the room, featuring a crown cut Oak with black knobs.


Master Bedroom with elegance and style

September 8, 2017

This master bedroom brings functionality and elegance into one.  The feature wall separates the bedroom and ensuite and is made from spotted gum, creating an art piece in itself from the different shapes and shades of timber. The random use of grain gives a unique and spacious feel to the room.

The Art Deco dresser sits alongside the feature wall and adds elegance in every turn, the flowing curves are created out off solid timber, the sides have the Japanese rising sun made out off solid PNG Ebony, the drawers are also random designs with the base as a flowing curve. The timbers used in this piece include: Solid Qld Walnut, Solid South African, Bilinga, PNG Ebony, American Oak, with the handles in solid French Walnut.  The internals of the dresser are all American Oak.

The Headboard is custom made to fix around the small nib recess. It is also 70mm in thickness, with two forms off soft foam, so you rest your head and read comfortably in bed.

The Ensuite area is on the other side off the feature wall and opens to a wardrobe. Wanting a more high functional and industrial look, greys, black and stone colours were used. The doors are all push to open, the internals are all American Oak, to keep the flow of the timber.
The Vanity  basin is made from a bamboo with a slim line top, the grain flowing from the doors over the top section, the basin is of natural stone. The towel compartments are a black laminate to compliment the mixture of light grey tiles on the floor
All the features of this master bedroom and ensuite were  designed by Matthew, the owner of Finer Finishers.

Wall Unit to complete the Living Room

September 6, 2017

Perfect fit to complete the livingroom. Our clients were wanting a tv/storage/bookshelf display unit in their main living space, they knew exactly what they wanted and we were able to provide a stunning piece of furniture that met all their needs.

We want to soften the unit, so we added a 5 Meter solid Iron Bark Timber top, (in one section, no joins).  The natural timber added to the colours of the space. A twist of colour was added to compliment the sofas and furnishings and a two pack Satin finish in a shade of blue beautifully completed the unit.

The top doors are all ‘push to open’, the side units and a mix of display with and without glass doors. The lower section all houses drawers and equipment DVD, Foxtel etc.

This unit adds value to the home and quality of lifestyle for the owners and their children. Our clients are very happy with the finished project.

Clients words:  “I was really impressed by the standard of workmanship of the Finer Finshers’ team.  I roughly designed what I wanted and Matthew suggested some enhancements.  The end product exceeded my expectations and we have to say that the wall unit with bookcases has really finished off our downstairs open plan area.  It has really brought it to a new level.  I couldn’t be happier.  Matthew’s team were very approachable and professional and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.  For the quality of product and the impact it has made on our home, it has been more than worth the investment.”